Ted's Towing - Lake Forest & Bakersfield, CA

About Ted’s Towing Services

Ted’s Towing Services is dedicated to giving you that quality that you so desire. It wants to make sure that you can sleep well, knowing that even if your car would break down on its way to Bakersfield, you would be in good hands. We deliver outstanding service and would like for nothing less than the best when it comes to you and your problems. Call us as soon as the damage is done, and we will do everything to make sure that it is done well and efficiently.

Whether your car is to break down or have some wear and tear, Ted’s Towing Service would make it alright and take care of it immediately. No one wants to have their car towed, but when it happens, it happens. It is something that has to be done, such as paying your phone bill every month. No person likes to pay the phone bill, but cannot seem to live without a phone.

The same applies for this towing. No one wants to have their car towed, but it is something that is quite unavoidable. When someone overstays their parking permit, that car, truck, or van needs to go.

When someone has a breakdown in the middle of the road, that car needs to go.

When someone is in the car accident that leaves two cars deformed in the middle of the road, that car has to go.

When someone is coming back from L.A. with a job to get to on Monday, that car needs to get moved.

We understand your situation and will do everything in our power to make sure that your situation is taken care of effectively and immediately. Your time is precious and so is ours, so we will make use of our time efficiently. This means towing your car back as quickly as possible, so that we may have more of our time to do well.

Whenever you have a towing problem in Bakersfield or Lake Forest, CA, we are here to help.

Much appreciation,

Ted’s Towing Services